Stefan Erding


«Push it to the limit» seems to be Stefan's thinking every time he jogs up the Üetliberg after work. Or when he climbs the mountain peaks in Valais on the weekend. It takes a lot to get this young Horgen native short of breath. Stefan demonstrates his endurance not only on open terrain, but also in the stairwell at Rod. He probably owes his fitness to playing soccer. And even if he has hung up his soccer shoes in the meantime, his love for Zürich soccer club FCZ seems boundless. Stefan is a proud owner of season tickets and is right in front at every game, rooting for his team. Concerning the hearts of the Rod team: He takes them by storm. With charm, moxie and know-how, he played his way up from intern to assistant consultant at lightning speed. He must have learned how to move skillfully through the world of advertising during his marketing studies. Yes, in Stefan we have a teammate who delivers a solid game. We can only say: Go for the goal, Erdin. He shoots, he scores!

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