Regula Bührer Fecker

Partner / Strategist

Regula Bührer Fecker is a founding partner of Rod. And first and foremost: full-blooded strategist. Her work can be likened to that of a detective. She peers inside a brand and its competition as if by X-ray, without mercy. And grasps precisely where the shoe pinches. She observes and studies people and their behaviors in their natural habitats. With enthusiasm, an eagerness to experiment and a big dose of empathy. From that, she then formulates how the communications of a company or institution must be and come across in order to reach the target group. She speaks a language understood at the same time by creatives and clients. That's the basis for campaigns with impact. And the basis for her two-time accolades as advertiser of the year (2010 & 2014).
Regula is the author of the book #FRAUENARBEIT (#WOMENSWORK) and advocates for the eponymous foundation for the career advancement of younger women in Switzerland.

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