Laura Zimmermann


The best part first: Laura is now a member of our team. And that cannot be taken for granted. This lawyer could be in some court right now, putting bad guys behind bars, or in Paris eating croissants. But she's not. Instead, this native of the farm-studded Emmental region of Canton Bern lives a wild life in Zurich. If she still insists on being a fan of Bern's Young Boys soccer team, we forgive her. And when she's not busy dancing through the city, she's reading something delicious at home or cooking a good book. Or vice versa. It's all too easy to lose one's bearings around her. In the Swiss political landscape, at any rate, she's had heads spinning for years as co-president of the Operation Libero, a group focused on promoting openness and internationalization in Switzerland. And we are so pleased that she is now here turning the world on its head with us.

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