David Schärer

Partner / Amplification

David Schärer is a founding partner of Rod. His qualifications might identify him as a "Federally-Certified Public Relations Consultant," but a far more apt designation would be «Spin Doctor.» Because nothing gives him greater pleasure than setting off a gargantuan media avalanche by force of a campaign. How does he do it? By co-conceiving and planning the concept for the marketing of an idea from the very beginning. By cooperating with the most possible and impossible media organizations, people and brands. By playing the right channels. By planning the dramaturgy of a campaign down to the very last detail. And following through. By taking the phone in his own hand and calling his contacts into play. The way he can laugh into his fist after such a successful coup is incomparable.
David Schärer is politically active: As a member of the board of Operation Libero Schweiz, among other things, as well as in the trade association Leading Swiss Agencies, where he tends the public relations.

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