Rod is an owner-run, independent Swiss communications agency.

  • One-of-a-kind in a people-focused, high-EQ strategy.
  • Native on all channels, whether digital or analog.
  • Unconventional in the development of media-neutral creative concepts.
  • Efficient in planning effective campaign dramaturgy and amplification.
  • Indefatigable in organization and execution.
  • Big enough to do everything, small enough not to have to.
  • And to top it all off, we're extremely nice, too.

We dig deeper.

We engage intensively with the people we want to reach. To find that one message that moves something inside them. To find the communicative access to them. How we do it: Quantitatively, by immersing ourselves in every resource available to us. And qualitatively, by opening ourselves to examining "the real world" beyond our office walls.

We are native on all channels.

Anyone who deals intensively with people understands their media consumption. And sees how swiftly it changes. We are neither a classic communications agency, nor a digital one. Rather, we're an agency that sees the big picture and finds the best possible path to the target audience, through all the available channels and options. We conceptualize and design everything in-house and supplement our team with partners for implementation, depending on the task.

We find the formula.

An idea is often nothing more than a feeling floating in the air. Something fleeting that until this moment could never be captured. To divine it requires living with one ear to the people and the other to the zeitgeist. To define it with precise elements, and cast these into a compelling formula that can be communicated, disseminated and multiplied: That is an art.

We make everything bigger than it is.

We love the moment when it gets loud: When there are rumblings in the press. When social media buzzes. When people talk. To create such a moment is pure magic. One only has to know which multiplicators, motives and media one must set in motion in a mighty machine so the volume of a campaign surpasses the paid advertising space. This method has a system at Rod. This effect has a name: Amplification.

We like to get our hands dirty.

Our team is positioned for interdisciplinary action. We work together under one roof, on one invoice, with short distances between us. There's a ban here on narrow-minded, inside-the-box thinking, and everyone pitches in. A highly complex communications strategy can only be translated from a plan to reality when people don't lose interest after defining the broad strokes, but rather rise to the top of their game when diving into the details. At Rod, everyone stands ready at the front line. And is personally involved and engaged. You don't have to see that. But feel it.

We aren’t assholes.

Nobody here starts to moan if they have to go on kitchen duty or make coffee, prepare the presentation or do some research. All these jobs are important. And must get done. Because whatever our successes, what we want most of all is to be one thing: Decent human beings, not assholes*. We work together and help each other. Our clients happen to notice and appreciate that, too. Because that makes us one of a kind.